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Hamel Trading

Hamel Trading

Air Conditioning Systems

Hamel Trading is a Cebu-based Air Conditioning Systems company who offer a wide range of services from selling, installing, cleaning, and repairing of air conditioners and other aircon installation materials in Cebu and other nearby cities.
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Success Stories

Hamel Trading

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Hamel Trading

Air Conditioning Systems

Highlights & Co. is a local ecommerce design solutions provider with clients all over the Visayas and Mindanao regions. They offer a wide range of designs for furnitures and fixtures in their site with the aim of easing people’s frustration of finding distinct and unique lighting and furnishing pieces for their space.


Combined leads from household

and dealers markets






“Hamel trading has been working with Augmen Digital for over a month now and in that span of time, they’ve helped us dramatically increase our exposure in the market by tens of thousands”

Ivan Letigio

Hamel Trading

We Faced.

The main challenge we had for this client is the high ticket offer of their business. Not every person scrolling through Facebook would be thinking about getting a new air conditioner for their home or office so we had to create highly effective Facebook ads designed not just to get the attention of potential customers, but to warm them up for the sales team to close the sale as well.
On top of the market attention challenge, we also had to target two different markets: household/residential and contractors/dealers. The difference in the two market’s motivations, desires, and problems posed a challenge for us when we initially made our market research.

We Used.

As we worked together, we found that our competitors had one similarity across all their ads which is the discounted prices for their air conditioners so we did the same while making sure that Hamel Trading’s ads spoke more about the problems our market is facing. This made sure our ads cut through the noise and reached the eyes and ears of our ideal target market.
Throughout our campaigns, we were able to get 173 leads coming from the household market with another 34 leads coming from the dealers market. This was mainly achieved by crafting an irresistible offer that spoke to Hamel’s target market and making sure audience targeting was on point.

Of Results.

After running campaigns for less than a month, we were able to over deliver on the initial goal of getting a total of 130 leads and generated 207 leads.
Among the 207 leads, 10 went on to purchase air conditioning units from Hamel generating at least ₱142,464 worth of revenue and 51.74x ROI after running ads for around 10-11 days. The rest of the high quality leads who interacted with Hamel are still being nurtured which can still result in potential revenue.

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