How Augmen helped GlobeIn scale monthly ad spend 10x while continuing to exceed revenue targets.




Vladimir Ermankov



Client Overview:

GlobeIn’s Mission: Eliminate poverty by connecting remote communities with global markets.

Headquartered in San Francisco, GlobeIn is an early-stage startup helping artisans in developing countries create sustainable businesses. Artists and farmers with limited access to the global stage are given new avenues for fair-trade markets. GlobeIn provides its consumers with a range of ethically sourced, handcrafted products from across the world.

Including a monthly, subscription-based themed Artisan Box and support for a Spotlight Project, GlobeIn’s offering provides consumers with access to top-quality, authentic handcrafted goods made by skilled craftspeople at a fair price. GlobeIn invests millions of dollars into artisan communities each year, supporting thousands of people in over 50 countries from Peru to Papua New Guinea.

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Scale Facebook ads to increase A/B testing and prevent burnout.

GlobeIn was performing well but they needed to do better. Their winning campaign at the time had been running for three years and it was already burnt out. They required a new approach to scale their advertising.

“At the time we were only running five sets or so of creatives. We needed to ramp up to the point where were running five tests per day, experimenting with different elements to find out what works best” says Vladimir.

GlobeIn had been working with a media buyer for almost three years but they didn’t offer creatives. Vladimir was advised to find someone who could produce creatives inhouse and manage campaigns. Vladimir met with Augmen Digital and this allowed GlobeIn to increase their A/B testing to figure out what worked best. During the interview process Reinart from Augmen was enthusiastic and displayed an in-depth knowledge of Facebook advertising. He had great ideas for scaling at speed and had the resources needed to execute the plan.

We initially planned to hire an in-house resource,” says Ermakov, “but as soon as I chatted with Reinart Bacalso from Augmen Digital, I knew he was the right person for us.


Data-driven Facebook campaigns built on engaging creatives.

The key to GlobeIn’s success was Augmen’s creative production capabilities along with their data-driven approach to Facebook advertising.

“With all the AI behind it, Facebook has become very smart. Augmen’s strength lies in their ability to monitor what’s working, what’s not, and to continually tweak their process. We might go through five to ten ads in a week and none of them works, but when we hit one or two that do, they work for a very long time” explains Vladimir.

With Augmen focused on generating high-impact creatives and intelligent ad management, GlobeIn quickly scaled their ad spend from $30,000 to over $80,000 per month. Six months later they scaled again, spending over $500,000 in Facebook ads in under three months, enjoying their first seven figure month.

During their most successful month, GlobeIn had 12 unique creatives working well across all campaigns. While only one of them was using 50% of the ad spend, it was the ability to test so many creatives to see what worked that enabled them to spend $10,000 per day and still generate more than the targeted revenue. With all this success, Augmen didn’t just sit back. They kept pushing production, producing new creatives and testing them to make sure they could quickly swap burnt-out creatives for new ones when needed.”
Augmen Digital is flexible and easy to work with. While they’re experts in their field they always listen to feedback and adapt accordingly.


Why the partnership worked so well.

ROAS is scaling and revenue’s on target with over 30,000 subscribers to date. Vladimir views the partnership as a complete success and one he intends to maintain.

“The first year was so successful, we invited Reinart to our annual company retreat as a member of the team and I even tried to convince him to join GlobeIn! That didn’t work out but we’d still like to have him back this year”

“It’s not just Augmen’s creativity, expertise and processes that have made a difference to our business. They’re transparent, responsive and skilled at managing ad spend and risk. Often being more conservative than us based on their experience. They’re not afraid to challenge our ideas on strategy which, in the end, works out better for us all since it’s a team effort.”

More importantly the partnership between GlobeIn and Augmen Digital has helped Vladimir reach his original goal – using business as a tool to solve social problems. Their fruitful collaborations connects socially-conscious and ethical consumers to thousands of craftspeople in remote corners of the world.

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