How a Digital Product Owner Generated 180 Sales From Her Launch Using the GAMBIT Framework

Launching a course is complicated, especially if you’re doing it all on your own.

Most digital product owners are unsure how to structure the pieces to fit together.

They’re clueless about how to use advertising to amplify their reach and convert more people as paid clients.

Facebook advertising is one of them.

It’s an ever-evolving and changing platform… so diving into it without solid knowledge and experience is like business suicide.

It can kill your business even right before it started.

That’s why smart entrepreneurs who value their time hire experts to do the marketing.

But the thing is…

You need someone who can take it off your plate… who gives you the time to focus on creating more value and serving more clients.

Yet, finding the “right” team to implement a profitable campaign for your business is like one in a million because… 

Not all agencies are created equal. Some are good, while some are not.

You need a strong team who gets your vision and understands what you truly need.

Not only that, you need a team who does it best, someone with a proven track record of results and experience.

Because at the end of the day, you need to make your course profitable — FASTER.

Today, speed is king.

The businesses which survive and thrive are fast enough to shift their gears to do things that work.

And it’s how an international pastry chef, food vlogger, and expert generated 180 students in just six weeks…

… by implementing a proven and tested blueprint called the GAMBIT Framework.

Read on to find out more about how Augmen Digital helped her get the results faster… and better compared to her previous launches.

Alla Driksne

She’s the Founder of Allas Yummy Food, a platform where she shares videos, online classes, and courses about baking and cooking.

Alla loves creating cakes and courses, teaching, and dealing with students.

She enjoys every bit of it.

She made it her mission to help women and men feel their absolute best by making delicious food.

And to reach more people and convert them to paying students…

She knew she needed a team to do it since she’s not an advertising expert.

So, she hired an agency from Sri Lanka.

"They did an amazing job at the beginning. They helped me with my second webinar run and generated 60 sales from that campaign. I sold 20 before that."

But things went sideways after the said agency suddenly have 20 clients.

According to her, they weren’t giving her much attention anymore.

She felt she’s just another number, rather than a valued client. Things got bad, which made her unhappy towards the end.

There were a lot of miscommunications.
Grammatical errors started to surface.
Lack of system in place to test pages, links, and funnel.
Wrong links sent to the webinar.
Essential links were not working as they should.

These could have been avoided but didn’t. So, she decided to look for a new agency to replace them.

Most of the time, a launch didn’t work because the campaign is bad.

But because of simple things left unchecked, like the emails with the wrong links to the webinar.
These are crucial.

If you have the wrong link and you send it after 5 minutes of the webinar, then you’re screwed… because it’s likely no one will open the second email.

So, it’s imperative to have a high level of attention to detail.

The previous agency lacked in this aspect.

It’s why she’s more careful in choosing the next agency.

She wants to focus and become the best in what she does without diving into the marketing side too much.

So, she became skeptical about working with another agency because of unfavorable experiences.

"I don't want to work with anyone who has a lot of clients because I am planning to launch like 10 courses. I need a company that’s going to want me like one giant client, and that’ll dedicate time to me."

Since she has a massive fan base, she knew her program has a lot of potentials to scale when it comes to sales.

She knew what she needed was to make sure everything floats and there are no mistakes. The copy of the email is right, and the rest is functioning well… because she’s selling them anywhere.

She’s selling them at the webinar, and the pressure was on her.

Alla knows the importance of advertising… and how she also played an important role in converting those leads to paying clients.

That’s why she must have a team who will run the marketing campaign for her.

“With all the courses I’ve done, I think the biggest challenge was setting it all up, like emails and (you know) all the reminders, all the ads and stuff like that – the whole technical side of it. I can’t do it all by myself. I am already doing all the webinars, and you know, planning the recipe – things like that. It just that I need another pair of hands that can help me out.”

Even though she has some people in her team already…

She felt she need a dedicated team who will manage the marketing side of her courses and online classes.

She wanted to market her course with a partner who gets it… who can help her achieve the goal, and who does things properly.

So, when they reached out to her, she proceeded to hop on a call with them.

"I spoke with Reinart, and he seemed to get my vision when I explained things to him on our call. I said to him what I want. I want to sell 200 courses. We have 3 months. Can you do that for me?"

Reinart asked her a lot of questions, and she felt he understood what she needs.

Even though she was tired of explaining the situation, she still did to help Reinart assess her situation.

With him, it’s different.

“He said they could deliver that. And also for the fact that he had a team of people who were going to do everything like the creatives stuff and a lot. It’s like all in one solution which is I needed.”

Reinart presented his process and case studies as proof that his strategies work.

He’s also very candid about their success and failures.

What separates him from other competing agencies was, he removed her skepticism early on… by identifying what he saw were wrong in the previous agency’s ads…

…even without her bringing it to his attention.

Because of his significant experience handling multiple Facebook ad campaigns… he decoded the mistakes committed by the previous agency.

He pointed out a few things which are missing, which Alla confirmed…

“Oh, yeah. That’s what I thought as well.”

The conversation continued on a positive note.

“He was just organized. I remember he just sent me the proposal, and he said this is what we’re going to do. This is what we need, and we sorted everything out very quickly.”

Augmen Digital started to strategically plan and execute their advertising campaigns... helping Alla achieve her goal of generating 200 sales from her courses.

They use their proprietary system called the GAMBIT Framework:
Step 1: Gather and Investigate

Their process always starts with research.

They need to understand what others do so they know what they’re up against.

They analyze what marketing strategies their competitors are implementing… and use it as the benchmark of their entire plan.

They discovered not many are running ads in her space. This means she has the upper hand because she’s one of the few who does it in the industry.

That alone gave her an edge over her competition.

Step 2: Audience Analysis

They dive deep into her target market, identify personas and prioritize them based on the highest potential for conversion and scale.

Each persona focuses on the desires activated by tapping their emotion making the sale.

They banked on the idea that people buy based on emotion and later on, justifies with logic.

For Alla’s campaigns, they identified what segment of her overall market would best respond to the campaigns. Was it stay-at-home moms looking for a way to earn money on the side, or was it busy moms looking to learn a new hobby for the weekends? Identifying and leveraging these personas help create campaigns which are laser-focused to generate results.

Step 3: Messaging Ladder

With a solid foundation on the competition and the market… they craft concrete ideas and creative angles to make sure she stands out and cuts through the noise.

They created a “ladder” of persuasive messaging turning strangers into new customers.

They also analyzed what she currently had and what ads she ran before. They dug deep to find what worked and what didn’t.

With her campaign, they created different ads for the entire customer journey.

There were ads made to drive people to register for the webinar, and there were different ads to re-engage people who didn’t initially register.

The Augmen Digital team worked to create video scripts for Alla to make ads that encourage people to actually watch the webinar. They also created different ads to get them to join the course.

Step 4: Build With Data

Every campaign built came from their research of her brand, integrated with data gathered from $100,000s in ad spend on different industries…

…from copy, creative to campaign structure and audiences.

They’re backed by what they know worked before and what works today based on their experience and best practices.

He answered all her questions, all the time. If there is an issue, they sorted them out quickly.

Then, they implemented their own best practices to get sales conversions.

Based on their assessment…

The previous agency failed to do a few things, so only a few people showed up at the webinar itself.

So they plan their campaigns to increase the showup rate.

What they did differently compared to the previous agency? 

They implemented 3 campaigns:

1.) A campaign to generate leads to the webinar.
2.) A campaign to remind the leads of the webinar.
3.) A campaign to remind the leads of the open cart.

Step 5: Iteration Planning

They never plan for just one launch. They’re proactive enough to plan.

So, they ensure the campaigns they handled were profitable and scaleable.

They knew Alla’s campaigns would quickly evolve as they find and explore what worked and what didn’t.

Aside from ensuring everything was integrated, they also have a ready plan in mind…

With every test calculated and accounted for in their Iteration Plan.

Each campaign was designed in-house… allowing them to control and maintain the quality of the creatives at all times.

They have an in-house copywriter who writes the copy.
A creatives team who designs the creative assets.
They have video editors and graphic designers who create the graphics and videos.

And this is their big differentiator from their competitors.

Since everything’s in-house, they can reiterate the ads very quickly and collaborate with the team easily.

And because of that…

They made a lot more ads compared to her previous agency.

Running ads is an integrative process. So it’s crucial to reiterate quickly to find results faster for clients.

From the moment their media buyer sees the data and discovered the video creative is working…

It’s easy to go to the creatives team and instruct them to make another video just like that. And at the same time, stop making images for the campaigns.

Because of the tight integration, they’re able to make the campaigns profitable faster.

Step 6: Track and Scale

As a business partner for growth, they never make decisions based on vanity metrics like “clicks,” “likes,” or “reach.”

Systems they build make it easy to keep a tight, consistent feedback loop on her launch profitability,… so they can scale spend and revenues with confidence.

Alla set high standards which she expects from the people she hired.

She expected a high level of service…

Like as simple as replying to her if she has some questions.
Or concerns needing urgent attention.
If there are things that don’t work, they’re available to fix glitches fast.

More than that, she wanted results in working with the team.

Communicating and delivering are two important non-negotiables for her.

“If they said they’re gonna do this. They do it by the deadline when they say they do. They say we agree we do this in one week; things need to be done in one week and not 2 or 3 weeks or whatever. They’ve met all the timelines they set themselves, which I agreed on.”

Augmen Digital was able to match the expectation and even more.

Alla was pleased with the results.

Ad spent: $15,164.06
# of leads generated: 8,728
Impressions: 1,235,532
Clicks: 29,382
ROAS: 7.73
# of recipe book sales: 402
# of course sales: 180 

After 6 weeks of running the campaign, Alla's business generated 180 course sales from ads. 3X from what she did the last run -- from 60 to 180.

And the best part?

She had an amazing team.

Not only did they run ads, but they also revamped her emails.

They took a look at her current setup and transferred her over to another platform.

She used to do her emails in Kajabi.

Then, they moved her to ActiveCampaign.

They also set up her webinar funnel and worked on linking everything together.

She felt good because everything went well and worked seamlessly.

The team took care of the WebinarJam. They tested the system first before walking her through it.

All in all, the technical part is organized and well-handled.

"I felt more relaxed this time."

It is because she has a dedicated team who set up the ads and does everything to sell 200 courses.

She had sold 100 last year.

So she wanted to double it, improve on what she didn’t do in the past, and make it better.

Better setup.
Better webinar.
Better offer.

She wanted to make it better because she believed that if you want to keep growing and keep attracting more people…

You need to keep improving and be the best than any competition while offering more value and better services.

"I need to feel that if I’m going to buy my product, I would be getting good value, so it is important to me to give that same service to my customers."

And Augmen Digital fully supported the vision.

She’s a perfect example of a great course creator because she puts herself in her clients’ shoes when building and improving her programs.

Since she’s happy with the results, they brainstormed together about their next launches.

They already initiated the next plan and mapped out the next launch for Autumn. They organized everything. And consider the mistakes they’ve made in the past and pivot with the solutions to avoid them.

They’re planning to perform more split tests on the webinar opt-in page… as on the last run, there was little to no time to set this up.

Also, they’re planning to launch lesser webinars but put a big emphasis on the first one to really drive home most of the sales and initial interest.

When asked if she’ll recommend Augmen Digital, here’s what she has to say:

“I would recommend them. They obviously know what they’re doing. They’re bringing the right quality leads. They helped me get the results, and I’m happy with it. I don’t trust anyone. It’s just that it felt right, so I gave it a go. If it doesn’t work, then it just doesn’t work. But it did; everything was great.”

When launching your course, you must have a dedicated team that does the marketing.

But it should not be just any team.

You need a team who will work side by side with you like a valued business partner.

Someone who can take the tech and integration off your plate… so you can focus on creating more value and sharing your expertise with more students through your programs…

Someone who knows and understands your challenges on a cellular level and totally gets your vision…

Someone who has a proven system to run and reiterate campaigns quickly and scales it to the next level.

You need a team that does it best, someone with a proven track record of results and experience.

They’re not just banking on their ‘learned’ best practices, but also on a system which makes your course profitable FASTER.

Vanity metrics like ‘likes,’ ‘shares,’ and ‘comments’ are all good, but if they’re not rolling in sales, day in and day out…

Then, there’s a good chance your campaigns will sink to the bottom, wasting your time, energy, and resources.

And you don’t want that.

You wanted your courses to work and generate 3X more than what you usually do.


You need a dedicated team who can help you profitably attract new customers granting your business a cutting edge in the crowded market.

And that’s how we can help.

Here at Augmen Digital, we funnel a big chunk of our expertise towards digital advertising to catalyze clients’ business growth.

We make sure our Partners (You) come first. We push beyond limits and find ways when things get tough.

For us, every challenge is an opportunity for growth.

We help you set your business apart from everyone else by maintaining a culture of disruptive innovation.

We’re in a constant search for how to make a better impact with the work we do.

We choose to push through every challenge together as a team.


If you're looking to scale your next launch and you want to double your sales, improve your business, and make your next launch better in the next 6 weeks -- better setup, better webinar, and better offer...

Be like Alla, who got 180 sales in just 6 weeks…
And get 300% growth from your previous launches…

You have the opportunity to work with us using the GAMBIT Framework, which will show you:

  • How to find your competitors’ effective marketing strategies, so you understand what you’re up against.
  • Ways on how to prioritize personas based on the highest potential for conversion and scale, so you can achieve revenue goals FASTER.
  • How to craft solid ideas and creative angles to make sure you stand out and cut through the noise. Create your persuasive messaging which turns strangers into new customers.
  • The best strategies and practices to put in place to get better sales conversions.
  • How to reiterate the ads quickly and collaborate with the team easily, so you’ll make the campaigns profitable faster.
  • Systems to make it easy to keep a tight, consistent feedback loop on your launch profitability… so you can scale spend and revenues with confidence.

Plus, a whole lot more…

It’s a series of strategies you need, to launch highly profitable campaigns which generate 3X ROI compared to your previous launches.

Click the link below to schedule a call with us and get first dibs about more campaigns, strategies, and more case studies from our happy and satisfied clients.