Just a quick survey:

  • Did the pandemic affect your clinic’s revenue in the past year?
  • Did you spend thousands in boosting posts but have no idea how much revenue is attributed to it? And you feel like you’re not reaching enough people?
  • Do you feel like your time is mostly spent on answering messages instead of quality time with your family?
  • Is managing your social media account becoming a chore?
  • Do you feel like your service can improve the lives of your patients but it doesn’t seem to reflect to them the way you want to?
  • Are you having a hard time competing with other dental clinics?


If you answered “YES” to all the questions above, then you were on the same boat as Dr. Lorna of Amor Dental Clinic months ago.

Foot traffic to her clinics declined with the heightened restrictions because of COVID-19.

Additional costs for PPE seemed to drive people away.

Her entire day is mostly spent on answering messages to people who don’t continue to book an appointment.

Thinking of what to post on her social media accounts was becoming tiresome.

And overall, relying on word of mouth and regular patients weren’t bringing in enough revenue anymore.

But with some help, she was able to generate over ₱700k in the past 3 months!

All thanks to the S2S Incubator.

It’s a framework developed by Augmen Digital that helps businesses increase revenue by leveraging the power of social media and digital marketing.

All that Amor Dental Clinic needed was the right team and strategy to get where they are now.

So what changed when they used the S2S Incubator?

Let’s break it down, shall we?

How Does the S2S Incubator Work?

AGO Builder

Attention Grabbing Offer Builder – Many think that they can just post about their service, and boom engagement and sales would come in.

Unfortunately, the reality is that you’re not the only one selling your service. There are hundreds of dental clinics out there.

To even be considered by your market, you need to not only be seen but NOTICED.

So, the goal of this stage is to create something that’s valuable enough that can create interest, go viral, get shared by the people.


Answer this – Would you rather have 1,000 likes or have 50 people asking about your products/services?

With LeadBoost, we’ll be using paid Facebook and Instagram Ads in combination with your AGO to generate leads for your business.

And what makes LeadBoost different from any other advertising service out there is that we don’t only generate the lead for you. We’ll have someone from our Lead Response Team answer every inquiry that comes in from our ads.

If you’re tired of leads that inquire but after you reply, they don’t reply back anymore – we got that covered. With LeadBoost we do this all for you, and we even follow up with the leads overtime.

Nurture Stacking

It’s possible that 90% of your leads will go on with the rest of their lives, even if they were qualified to buy your service.

But, they’ll search your Facebook page, and then go through your posts. You want those posts to not just “look nice” but you want those posts to nurture and educate these prospects so they buy quicker.

That’s why in Phase 3, Nurture Stacking, we’ll be making persuasive social media posts that educate leads on your brand and products so they can make the educated decision to buy from you!

Referral Engine

And here we are at the end of the Customer Journey. You’ve attracted people with the AGO, captured prospects with LeadBoost, and educated your customer with Nurture Stacking, and now they buy from you.

But it doesn’t stop there.

You know what’s the #1 source of sales for most local businesses? Word of mouth. Yes, this is still very crucial.

That’s why in the S2S Incubator, the last piece is the Referral Engine – a system where any new customers you get will be encouraged to share their experience working with you online.

This is how the biggest, 7 figure brands online make most of their money – by highlighting their customers.

We’ll also help you create a system that would encourage customers to leave reviews on your FB and Google pages. And if there are any bad reviews – we’ll take care of managing them as well.

We’ve worked with Amor Dental Clinic for over 6 months already and with the cooperation of both our team and Amor’s and implementing the S2S Incubator into their systems, we were able to generate over ₱700,000 in revenue (all 3 branches combined) from June to August.

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