Welcome to this quick training on Facebook Messenger. In this video, we’re talking about how you can create meaningful conversations with leads and how you can turn them from prospects to brand-loyal customers! 

This is Angela, one of the Chat Support Specialists in Augmen Digital! And she’s helped Philippine-based businesses generate at least a  thousand pesos worth of revenue over the past few months using the same set of tips and tricks with messenger in this video.

Now, let’s get right to it!

Do these statements sound familiar to you?

  • You’ve already run paid ads on Facebook before but you just haven’t found success in it – you weren’t able to get the money you invested in ads.
  • You’ve tried to generate revenue using Facebook’s Messenger but you’re not quite sure about the potential and the wide range of options you have to leverage the platform.
  • You’ve seen the potential of Facebook as a Social Media platform and you’re looking to expand your business online especially during these times.


If any of these applies to you, then this training will give you tons of valuable information. to help you increase your revenue not just from Facebook but other digital marketing platforms as well.

Watch the FULL video above!

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