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Amor Dental Clinic

Amor Dental Clinic

Dental Industry

Amor Dental Clinic is an established Cebu-based dental clinic with 4 branches within the province. They offer a variety of dental services and mainly specialize in Veneers— where life-changing smile makeovers happen. They already have a good following on social media and a good amount of loyal customers.


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“So we’ve worked with Augmen for just one month and in that amount of time they’ve helped create a tremendous impact on our business.”

Kari Amor

Amor Dental Clinic

We Faced.

Amor Dental Clinic and their branches have already been in the business for years but have mainly been relying on word of mouth and organic social media posts online to promote their business.
It’s always been on their mind to try marketing their services through paid ads and expand their reach and client base but didn’t know where and how to start. So they came to us for help.

We Used.

As we worked together, we built a strategy to acquire as many leads as possible through a messenger campaign. We set up an automated message sequence that’s designed to convert the leads to booked appointments. We tested out both long and short sequences to see which one converts better.
The targeting was also narrowed down to just 5 miles to consider the transportation issues, since it wasn’t ideal that people will travel far for an appointment in the middle of a pandemic.
We also tested multiple types of images and assessed what worked well with the audience over the course of 30 days.

Of Results.

After running the campaigns for a month, we were able to gather 351 messages at only ₱16.82 with a ₱5,935.07 spend.
Out of the 351 messages, we got 24 booked appointments that gave us a projected ROAS of 4.04.
We’ve also observed that it also takes some time for people to decide to book an appointment so those that didn’t convert within the 30 days could possibly return after a few weeks/months, which makes the campaigns’ effect long lasting.

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